A Call to Your Highest Self

To all the seekers, the natural ones, and those who long to be natural again, the dreamers, wonderers, co-creators; all of you who are waking up.

All you outcasts, outsiders and original thinkers. All of you who still read to stretch your mind, and still stretch to read your body.

All of you who can still see the possibility of a world free from ignorant egotism, greed and fear, free from cut-and-paste sleeping people. All of you who sense the ancient esoteric secrets still alive in your bones. All of you who are learning to see.

All of you who believe in non-possessive-love, dignity of soul, dance, art, inspiration, crazy divine madness, tempered by intelligence and hard-won wisdom…

Come – free the true art inside your deepest self. Learn the art of letting go.

Let go, and let go again of each moment, and kiss the joy as it flies.

Let’s create together, let’s inspire each other, let’s inspire the world, and make our ancestors proud and a little jealous of us. Let’s create astounding visions. Let’s savor them like permanent holidays. Let’s share the thrill of understanding. Let’s express the divine poetry in our cells. Let’s build with nature in a natural way.

Let us again see the wonder in little things, and let the slow crawling patience of a beetle on a blade of grass mean more than another billboard on the highway. Let’s just stop buying the lie because we think we have to, in order to survive. Instead, let’s thrive.

Let’s stop trying to be that lie on the photo-shopped glossy advert. You know the one I mean. The one in the bespoke-deodorant-sports-car-splash-page-mind-rot with the perfect abs and the high-end watch, and nothing but insecurity in his heart. Let’s stop trying to be that girl in the pictures – you know the one I mean. Let’s be beautiful instead.

Let’s dig deep, and find that shining joy inside us, and beam it out through our eyes into the world for everyone to see. Let’s inspire kids, so they can inspire us back. Let’s be child-like again, with the wisdom of a Grand Parent.

Let’s go deeper, again and again, like soul-archeologists on an intra-cosmic dig, and find that empty space from which all new things spring. Let’s bring back the treasures we find to this world of flesh and bone, canvas and stone.

Let’s be better at listening and thinking than at speaking our minds. Let’s ponder, for hours, days and years before we offer our opinions. Let’s think twice before we follow the idiots into the abyss.

Let’s stop pretending we own things forever. Let’s re-think security. Let’s grow food on the roof. Let’s distribute instead of collecting. Let’s distribute love, and create a new kind of conscious logistics industry, and economies of nature and compassion, combined with a love of work. Let’s create more than we destroy. Let’s turn plastic, junk, poison and carbon footprints into art, homes for the homeless, holiday islands for the work-weary, and sustainable, conscious miracles for all. Let’s build houses that kiss the earth and the sky, and melt into it as one. Let’s treat pure water better than we treat gold and prime waterfront property, and let’s pour our sacred energy into its molecules.  Let’s take the genuine seeds of life in our hands, and protect them from ignorance, entropy and the insanity of our old-world power-politics and laws. Let’s show our parents a better way. Let’s evolve inwardly, and keep evolving deliberately and actively, and change from moment to moment, flowing with the harmony and music of the spheres, and bring consciousness to the ground under our own two feet. Let us use the hands we have, and know that somewhere between them there is a heart.

Let’s walk barefoot in the miraculous, alive, and awake, and free.

Let’s wake up, and become conscious of what we truly are.