Cultivating a Natural State of Mind - Free Sample

Cultivating a Natural State of Mind - Free Sample

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To all the seekers, the natural ones, and those who long to be natural again, the dreamers, wanderers, co-creators; all of you who are waking up.

All you outcasts, outsiders and original thinkers. All of you who still read to stretch your mind, and still stretch to read your body.

All of you who can still see the possibility of a world free from ignorant egotism, greed and fear, free from cut-and-paste sleeping people. All of you who sense the ancient esoteric secrets still alive in your bones. All of you who are learning to see.

All of you who believe in non-possessive-love, dignity of soul, dance, art, inspiration, crazy divine madness, tempered by intelligence and hard-won wisdom…

Come – free the true art inside your deepest self. Learn the art of letting go.

Let go, and let go again of each moment, and kiss the joy as it flies.

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